VirtualBox 4.0

Vesti bune pentru fanii acestui program. Se pare ca tolba lui Mos Oracle ascundea ceva bun: VirtualBox 4.0. Chiar daca Open Solaris a disparut macar de programul de virtualizare are grija Corporatia Oracle…dar destul cu lucrurile negative, iata ce aduce nou VirtualBox 4.0:
– Reorganization of VirtualBox into a base package and Extension Packs; see chapter 1.5, Installing VirtualBox and extension packs, see the manual for more information
– New settings/disk file layout for VM portability; see chapter 10.1, Where VirtualBox stores its files, see the manual for more information
– Major rework of the GUI (now called “VirtualBox Manager”)
– VMM: support more than 1.5/2 GB guest RAM on 32-bit hosts
– New virtual hardware
– Improvements to OVF support (see chapter 1.12, Importing and exporting virtual machines, see the manual for more information)
– Resource control: added support for limiting a VM’s CPU time and IO bandwidth; see chapter 5.8, Limiting bandwidth for disk images, see the manual for more information
– Storage: support asynchronous I/O for iSCSI, VMDK, VHD and Parallels images
– Storage: support for resizing VDI and VHD images; see chapter 8.21, VBoxManage modifyhd, see the manual for more information.
– Guest Additions: support for multiple virtual screens in Linux and Solaris guests using X.Org server 1.3 and later
– Language bindings: uniform Java bindings for both local (COM/XPCOM) and remote (SOAP) invocation APIs

Acestea fiind numai schimbarile majore. Lista completa de schimbari o aveti aici. Pentru a obtine cea mai recenta versiune fie folositi managerul de pachete al distributiei linux preferate, fie descarcati un pachet precompilat de la urmatoarea adresa: Virtualizare usoara si educativa va doresc ! :)

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