Proiectul Tumbleweed a.k.a openSUSE rolling release

Anul trecut mentionam intr-un articol cateva barfe referitoare la distributii care flirtau cu ideea de a trece la standartul de distributie rolling release. Asa cum bine stim in cazul Ubuntu totul a fost doar fum, dar in cazul openSUSE treaba devine din ce in ce mai reala cu fiecare zi care trece. Astazi in timp ce vizionam pagina de stiri a Saptamanalului openSUSE am putut descoperi ca echipa openSUSE este deja ocupata cu trecerea la standartul rolling release prin Proiectul Tumbleweed. Since the openSUSE Conference in Nuremberg in October, the openSUSE community has been extremely active. New projects announced there have had progress, others have emerged. One example of the latter would be Project Tumbleweed, aiming to create a rolling-release repository for openSUSE.

Ca si parere personala nu stiu daca miscarea asta s-a realizat datorita cumparari Novell de catre Attachmate, sau daca era ceva programat de ceva timp. Oricum un openSUSE rolling release poate aduce utilizatori acestei distributii care a inceput sa isi piarda din atractivitate, alaturi de Mandriva care paradoxal a trecut si ea prin probleme de ordin financiar. Lasand acest fapt deoparte se poate afirma ca Proiectul Tumbleweed are deja o “fundatie” anume openSUSE 11.3 si care se doreste a fi functional o data cu aparitia openSUSE 11.4. If you want to test out Tumbleweed, just go and add the Tumbleweed Repository as a repo to openSUSE 11.3: Then run: $ zypper dup and enjoy your newly updated kernel, samba, and other packages! Tumbleweed aims to use the 11.3 repo above as a testing ground, and provide a full rolling release for the openSUSE 11.4 release. It seems many packagers have joined the initiative and while some had some concerns, the plan is to simply try this and see how it goes.

Pana aici totul suna frumos, dar mai trebuie adaugat faptul ca openSUSE isi va continua si constructia periodica de versiuni noi in ciclul de 8 luni. In alta ordine de idei utilizatorul va putea decica ce versiune a distribuitiei sa instalaze: stabila sau rolling release. Ce va oferi Proiectul Tumbleweed in planul rolling release am aflat din cadrul aceluiasi grupaj de stiri:
The plan plan is to work out the proper development work flow during the time up to the 11.4 openSUSE release, and once that is out, have Tumbleweed be usable by anyone who wants to have the latest stable releases in a rolling fashion. Until the 11.4 release, a number of processes have to be figured out:
* base library upgrades
* major subsystem upgrades
* general repository maintenance (whole copy of 11.4, or just pointers to existing 11.4 packages?)
* development notification of updated packages to be included in Tumbleweed

La o atenta citire a informatiilor postate din acest articol se poate spune ca “viitorul suna bine” pentru openSUSE ca si distributie rolling release. Acum nu mai ramane decat sa asteptam pana in martie cand va aparea openSUSE 11.4. Oare va aceasta modificare va mai indulci esecul din 11.3 ? Oare va mai atrage utilizatori pe langa cei existenti? Oare va rezista concurentei in planul distributiilor rolling release? Raspunsul la aceste intrebari le vom afla pe viitor…sper eu ca si utilizator de openSUSE sa fie de bun augur.

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