Chakra GNU/Linux 0.2.4

In Univers atunci cand o stea precum Soarele nostru moare, energia eliberata de aceasta isi aduce contributia la nasterea unei alte stele intr-un alt colt al Universului. Ieri, cu mare dezamagire, va aduceam la cunostiinta ca Novel a fost cumparata de o corporatie “microsoft friendly”, astazi in schimb va aduc la cunostiita aparitia unei noi distributii linux user friendly: Chakra GNU/Linux.

Ce este Chakra?
The Chakra Project brings a ground-up Linux distribution, a free software showcase project created by a bunch of people who like the KISS principles of ArchLinux the elegance of KDE and a bundlesystem to support well known Gtk applications. Our main goal is provide a fast, user-friendly and extremely powerful Live CD and/or Linux distribution specially made for the award winning KDE Software Compilation and the beautifull Plasma desktop. Mai multe detalii puteti gasii pe site-ul distributiei:

Cea mai recenta versiune este Chakra GNU/Linux 0.2.4. Phil Miller despre aceasta versiune: “The Chakra development team is proud to announce the availability of our fourth and last point-release of ‘Jaz’, the live CD using our stable repositories. During the last days our stable repositories got some new updates. This is done to prepare the KDE SC 4.5.4 build which goes directly into stable next weekend. Also we updated the toolchain to be even faster in compiling. Under the hood we still use the 2.6.33 kernel series. I’ll try to backport the autogroup-scheduler to give this kernel more speed. The image uses larch8 now, which is more advanced and simplified for our needs. Features: Linux kernel- with LZMA support, KDE SC 4.4.5, X.Org Server 1.7.7; ATI Catalyst 10.8, NVIDIA 256 and legacy.”

Daca doriti sa testati aceasta distributie linux puteti obtine o copie de la acest link. De asemenea nu uitati sa cititi si informatiile oferite de wiki pentru a evita eventualele probleme.

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