Virtual Box 4.1

Anul trecut pe 22 decembrie, ne bucuram de prima versiune 4 a programului de virtualizare Virtual Box. Incepand de astazi Oracle a lansat Virtual Box 4.1: Oracle today released VirtualBox 4.1, a new major release. Introducing VM clones, increased capability for very large hosts, and Windows Aero support. Iata cateva dintre schimbarile majore ale acestei noi versiuni:
Support for cloning of VMs (bug #5853, see the manual for more information): full clones can be created through the GUI and VBoxManage, linked clones only through VBoxManage
GUI: enhanced wizard for creating new virtual disks
GUI: new wizard for copying virtual disks
GUI: keep the aspect ratio in scale mode (Windows and OSX hosts only; bug #7822)
VMM: raised the memory limit for 64-bit hosts to 1TB
Experimental support for PCI passthrough for Linux hosts, see the manual for more information
Windows guests: Experimental WDDM graphics driver, supporting Windows Aero (bug #4607) and providing Direct3D support using a cleaner approach (no need to install the guest drivers in Safe Mode anymore)
Guest Additions: status of modules and features can now be queried separately by the frontends
Networking: new network attachment mode “Generic Driver”, which offers an open plugin architecture for arbitrary and separately distributable virtual network implementations
Host-only Networking: fixed host crash in kernels prior to 2.6.29
New Networking Mode UDP Tunnel: allows to interconnect VMs running on different hosts easily and transparently, see the manual for more information
Experimental support for SATA hard disk hotplugging available with VBoxManage
Solaris hosts: New Crossbow based bridged networking driver for Solaris 11 build 159 and above

Pentru o lista completa a schimbarilor accesati acest link. Virtual Box poate fi instalat accesand aceasta pagina sau cu ajutorul managerului de pachete al distributiei linux folosite. Personal va recomand sa instalati pachetul/pachetele precompilat/e pentru distributia voastra linux pentru a evita neplacerile care pot aparea.

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