Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS este cea mai noua versiune a popularului sistem de operare oferit de cei de la Canonical. Asa cum bine stim sistemul de operare Ubuntu este compus din versiunea pentru desktop(includem si notebook-urile aici) si versiunea dedicata serverelor.
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop include in linii mari 3 ani de suport tehnic, un nou design si o mai buna integrare a programelor dedicate accesarii anumitor retele sociale. Fara a ma mai intinde prea mult cu detaliile iata ce ofera nou aceasta versiune de Ubuntu Desktop:
*Boot speed: Noticeably quicker on almost any machine and super-fast on SSD-based machines such as netbooks, which means users can speed straight to the browser for fast web access.
*Social from the start: The new ‘Me Menu’ in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS consolidates the process of accessing and updating social networks including Facebook, Digg, Twitter and Identi.ca. The Me Menu also integrates chat channels so users can talk with friends or colleagues on Google Talk, MSN, IRC and nearly every network.
*Ubuntu One: Enhanced desktop integration for the online service means files and folders can be shared and saved on the cloud more easily. Bookmark and contacts sharing has been added, speeding the move from personal computer to personal computing.
*Ubuntu One Music Store: Music from the world’s largest labels and greatest bands available direct to Ubuntu users through the default music player. Purchase tracks, store in Ubuntu One and share DRM-free music from one location across multiple computers and devices.
*Ubuntu Software Centre 2.0: An easy way to find new software, and keep track of it once it’s installed in a new, sleeker interface. Users can also single out software provided by Ubuntu, by Canonical partners or by developers who use Canonical’s Launchpad Personal Package Archive (PPA) hosting service.
*Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition (UNE): As well as benefiting from the improvements in the Desktop Edition, netbook users will see even faster boot speeds on SSD-based devices, faster suspend/resume that will extend battery life – and the industry-leading interface for these smaller screens.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Edition se axeaza din ce in ce mai mult “cloud computing ” si pe oferirea unui sistem de operare destinat sa reziste la traficul pe un server. Aceasta versiune de Ubuntu Server aduce nou urmatoarele:
* Direct upgrade path for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and Ubuntu 9.10 users
o No need to rip and replace, in-place upgrades
* Stability and security enhancements for LTS including:
o Five years of security and maintenance updates free to all users
o AppArmor security by default on key packages
o Kernel hardening (memory protection, module loading blocking, address space layout randomisation)
o Uncomplicated Firewall extended to all common services
o Encrypted Home and Private directories
* Multiple added or updated applications and packages since 8.04 LTS available as install options, including:
o CouchDB
o Puppet
o Eucalyptus
o Django 1.1
o OpenJDK6
o Tomcat 6
o MySQL 5.1
o ClamAv
o SpamAssassin
o Samba 3.4
o Python 2.6
o Nagios 3
o Ruby
o PowerNap
o PHP 5.3
o KVM 84
o Libvirt 0.7.5
o RabbitMQ 1.7
* Virtualisation enhancements, including:
o Building on Libvirt and KVM for simple deployment and management. KVM now supports:
o Kernel Samepage Merging (KSM) memory aggregation
o Live migration of virtual machines
o Automated and fast image creations with VMBuilder
o Ubuntu as Virtual Machine (VM) supported for VMWare, Xen, KVM, Virtualbox, EC2 and UEC
* Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) and Amazon EC2 enhancements, including:
o UEC as well as EC2 images are included in five years of free security and support updates
o Minimal installation profile for minimum footprint VMs optimised for EC2 and UEC
o Ubuntu EC2 images can be booted from EBS
o Multi-language AWS library support
o Easily customised and frequently refreshed images at boot time for super flexibility using cloud-init
o Puppet, a configuration management framework, can be used to mass control instances from their start
* Advanced storage capabilities built in, including
o RAID support from the installer
o iSCSI and multipath support and booting
* Simpler to mass deploy and manage
o Puppet integration in the cloud or as an add-on
o Version control configuration changes (integrated with Puppet), provides history and accountability
o Many new and improved installation profiles
o Built-in package mirroring and network installation tools
o Improved management from Canonical’s Landscape, including:
+ Mass registration
+ Managing both physical servers and VMs
+ Managing Cloud instances on both UEC and EC2, including:
# Security credentials and zones
# Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Walrus storage elements
# Elastic IPs management
# Cloud topology monitoring
+ Scheduled maintenance (shutdowns and restarts, package updates and script execution)
+ Direct view into server configuration
+ Logical groupings of machines for ease of administration

Daca distributia linux Ubuntu este ceea ce va doriti atunci accesati http://www.ubuntu.ro/ pentru obtine o copie a acestui sistem de operare. De asemenea pentru orice problema nu ezitati sa intrebati in cadrul forumului comunitatii romanesti.

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