Parted Magic 6.0

A aparut versiunea 6.0 a Parted Magic, programul de management al discurilor si unealta de salvare a datelor. Patrick Verner despre noua versiune: “Parted Magic 6.0. If you have experienced booting issues with Parted Magic, this is the version you have been waiting for. The way the kernel is handled has been completely redone. This is the reason for the new major version number. The kernel modules, udev, and firmware have been moved to the initramfs. The nice graphical boot menu that we have been using for years has been removed in favor of a very basic one. Many laptops and notebooks could not start the complex menu. A large number of major and minor bugs have been fixed as well. Updated programs: LVM 2.02.84, util-linux 2.19, Linux kernel, udev 165, glibc 2.13, xfsprogs 3.1.4, BusyBox 1.18.4, Memtest86 4.20, NTFS-3G 2011.4.12…” Mai multe detalii despre acest program aveti in cadrul acestei pagini. Pentru a obtine o copie a programului puteti accesa acest link.

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