Parted Magic 5.3

Vesti bune pentru utilizatorii Parted Magic, versiunea 5.3 este acum disponibila. In speta aceasta versiune se va rezuma doar la imaginea iso disponibila pentru bootarea de pe CD; in ceea ce priveste bootarea de pe USB se recomanda folosirea Unetbootin.
Conform spuselor lui Patrick Verner, Parted Magic 5.3 aduce nou urmatoarele lucruri:
“Parted Magic 5.3 updates BusyBox 1.17.1, FreeType 2.4.2, NTFS-3G 2010.8.8, udev 161, Linux kernel Some other adjustments have been made to improve memory usage. We dropped Unionfs in favor of Unionfs-fuse. The main pmagic-5.3.sqfs is now one Squashfs instead of the split-up method. If anybody was having issues with G4L, give this version a try. Some other minor bugs were fixed. We are no longer supporting or supplying a USB ZIP file. Our official method for booting from USB is UNetbootin. People that know what they are doing shouldn’t have any problem extracting the ISO image and executing the syslinux command. Supplying a USB zip was inviting too many people that had no clue how to boot from a USB drive and offering complex documentation was just adding to the confusion.”
Link de download al acestui mediu de lucru live il aveti aici; de asemenea avand in vedere ca este o unealta de partitionare nu strica sa mai aruncati un ochi in documentatie daca sunteti nesiguri.

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