openSUSE isi ajusteaza programul de lansare a distributiilor

Ciclu de creare a distributiei openSUSE este de 8 luni per distributie. In viziunea mea se putea merge si pe unul de 10 sau chiar 12 luni dar nu este decizia mea. Recent programul de lansare a distributiilor openSUSE a fost si mai bine ajustat astfel incat sa reflecte luna in care a fost lansat, dupa cum urmeaza: “Recently, the project took these discussions to a poll, to gauge community feeling about the different options. Generally, the community expressed that they wanted a scheme that was uniquely openSUSE’s and reflected our release methodology. We looked at other distros for examples, and while we felt many had come up with excellent versioning schemes for their distros, none properly reflected our own cycle. From this discussion and results of the poll, we have come up with the following scheme: The .x shall henceforth reflect the month of release: 1 = November, 2 = July, 3 = March. We will no longer ship a .0 version. This solution brings a meaningful rationale to the scheme, without completely revising the look. And thus, our next release in November will be 12.1. In July 2012, we will ship 12.2 and in March 2013, we will ship 12.3. Then in November 2013, we will ship 13.1.” Pentru detalii si comentarii puteti accesa aceasta pagina.
In alta ordine idei urmatoarea versiune openSUSE va fi 12.1 despre care presimt eu ca vom afla detalii cat de curand.

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