Kiwi Linux 10.08

Dupa o perioada destul de lunga de asteptare de la versiunea recenta si dupa cateva mailuri catre Jani Monoses din care am aflat ca proiectul este inca viu, pot anunta cu mare placere o noua versiune a Kiwi Linux si anume 10.08. Asa cum bine stim este o distributlie adresata cu precadere utilizatorilor romani si ungari de linux.
Jani Monoses despre Kiwi Linux 10.08: “Finally, after a hiatus of over a year, the Ubuntu derivative tailored for Romanian and Hungarian Linux beginners is having a new release. Its focus is to provide much of the commonly needed software conveniently installed by default but without straying away from Ubuntu in looks or by forming a separate community. Kiwi Linux 10.08 is based on Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS and it only comes in GNOME x86 Desktop CD edition. The main differences from Ubuntu are in the default application line-up: Chromium instead of Firefox because it is snappier, more stable, has built-in page translations, and has a cleaner UI; Shotwell instead of F-Spot; Pidgin instead of Empathy….”.
De vreme ce este o distributie dedicata incepatorilor si mai ales special creata pentru romani nu-mi ramane decat sa v-o recomand ca si prima alegere daca sunteti noi in lumea distributiilor linux. Pentru a obtine o copie a acestei distributii linux acest link va sta la dispozitie. Spor sa aveti ! :)

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