Gnome 3.2

O noua versiune a celui de-al doilea mediu de lucru folosit de utilizatori a aparut. Este vorba de Gnome 3.2. In linii mari Gnome versiunea 3.2 aduce modificari esentiale versiuni 3.0. Asa cum bine stiti versiunea 3.0 a deschis un nou drum pentru mediul de lucru Gnome, oferind utilizatorului o interfata grafica modificata avand drept baza Gtk 3. GNOME 3.2 improves the sleek GNOME 3.0 by adding refinements to the visual theme, fully integrated messaging, new contacts framework and integration, improved document management, a new onscreen keyboard in addition to a number of other improvements. It introduces the building blocks for new application experiences and the basis for integration of online services.

Pe langa imbunatatiri are versiunii anterioare Gnome 3.2 aduce cu el si urmatoarele schimbari:
– It is now easier to resize a window as the area for this has been increased.
– System Settings now includes links to related settings found in other locations. For instance, the Keyboard section now has a link to the keyboard layout.
– Titlebars, buttons, and other controls are less tall, making it easier to use GNOME on small screens.
– Notifications in the lower-right corner now include a counter. This makes it easier to see how many emails are waiting for you without having to open your email program, or to determine how many messages you have missed in a particular chat.
– The highlight effect that indicates that an application is already running has been made more obvious.
– In the user menu, notifications can be configured independently from the chat status.
– The workspace switcher in the overview remains expanded by keeping its full width displayed when you are using more than one workspace.
– Instead of assuming Evolution, the application for the calendar drop-down can now be customized.
– The battery power status is now shown using a bar.
– Focus-follows-mouse handling has improved, though more work is needed.

Lista completa de schimbari o puteti gasi in cadrul acestei pagini. Pentru a obtine Gnome versiunea 3.2 aveti la dispozitie doua metode: fie asteptati pachetele precompilate pentru distributia voastra linux sau folositi codul sursa asa cum este explicat aici. Personal astept pachetele precompilate caci sunt curios de modificarile aduse de versiunea noua a Gnome. Urmatoarea versiune a Gnome va fi 3.4, care este programata a fi lansata in luna aprilie din 2012.

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