Aptosid 2010-02

Asa cum am zis in articolul anterior, utilizatorii de aptosid(fostul sidux) se pot bucura de o noua versiune. Aceasta aduce cu ea urmatoarele schimbari: Version 2010-02 of aptosid is the first official release of what was previously known as sidux, a cutting-edge, desktop Linux distribution based on Debian’s unstable branch: “Now that aptosid has opened its gates, we have the pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the aptosid 2010-02 ‘Keres’ release. Aptosid is created by the same team of volunteers developing software under the Debian Free Software guidelines and continues what has been started in November 2006 under the name ‘sidux’. New features in aptosid 2010-02 are kernel and KDE 4.4.5. Kernel 2.6.35 doesn’t only improve and stabilise hardware support for newer devices, it also features improved power-saving support for ATI Radeon and Intel graphics cards and improved hardware video acceleration.”
Pentru a obtine o copie a acestei versiuni accesati acest link. Download rapid si experienta placuta sa aveti folosind aceasta distributie linux.

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